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Hamburg Wheel tracker from Infratest
EN 12697/22/ AASHTO T-324, T-340


  • Steel plate casing with hinged glass cover for easy eye level monitoring

  • Double wheel design with low-noise rolling wheel units driven by a frequency controlled motor with crankshaft installed

  • Testing area is hermetically enclosed so temperature settings are maintained during test

  • Heated either with water or with a hot-air blowing system

  • Both rolling wheel units can be stopped in a parking position outside the testing area

  • Two motorized lifting units are controlled by the integrated Windows based software system are used to sink down the wheels at the beginning of a test and to lift them up afterward.

  • The whole process including heating, registration of test temperatures, number of overpasses and tracking depths is software controlled with the possibility of print-out and selectable testing programs

  • The user can create and save their own test sequences and programs

  • Auto downloadable reports save as JPG or PDF, download to Excel or ASCII file

  • Unique slim design accommodates narrow lab spaces


Click here to watch the Wheel Tracker in Action

Roller Sector Compactor from Infratest
EN 12697/33


For the preparation of hot rolled asphalt samples. The preheated asphalt mix is compacted by a roller segment. Compaction load is applied horizontally using a computer controlled servomotor. A frequency controlled motor moves the mould right/left during the compaction process. The roller segment as well as
the mould is equipped with an electric heating attachment. To remove the sample, the base plate of the mould can be moved in an upward position.

The whole process is controlled by selectable compaction programs via Windows software. The user himself can create and memorize own test sequences. The machine and process control is effected by an integrated input/output unit with touch screen panel.


For taking drilling cores out of asphalt and concrete pavements using a diamond drill bit.

The right hand site operated drilling unit with solid guide pillar is fixed on a single axle trailer with spherical coupler, where the base plate can be lowered.

The solid configuration in addition to the advanced hydraulic drive design ensures a high drilling performance as well as a high durability of the diamond drill bit.

The stainless steel water tank for cooling water is fitted in front of the drilling unit above the axle. Located near the front section are the toolbox, the hydraulic pump and the 4-stroke petrol driven engine with cover hood.

The cooling water supply is carried out by an electrical circulation pump with swivel shaft. Available with manual feed by hand wheel or variable hydraulic feed.



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