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Hei-VAP Expert
Hei-VAP Complete System
Hei-VAP Expert Technical Data
Analyzer plus Hei-VAP system

Automated Asphalt Binder Recovery

Hei-VAP Expert

ASHTO TP-2 - ASTM -D5404

  • 5" touch display for controlling the entire system including the vacuum and the cooling temperature

  • For precise monitoring, the pictogram on the display also symbolizes active functions

  • Separate knobs for quick access: the right one for direct vacuum control, the left one for the rotation

  • Setting of values either via the touch display or the separate quick access knobs

  • Direct access to two favorites on the start screen

  • Expandable solvent library. You can also transfer your own favorites to other devices using a USB stick

  • Define and save own evaporation processes (ramps)

  • Automatically evaporate with the Dynamic AUTOaccurate Program (DAA). Convenient and customizable: from foam avoidance to highly efficient evaporation

  • Connect RotoVAP directly to your Analyser unit for seamless and safe binder extraction and recovery process.



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