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EN 12697/1 - ASTM -D8159

Extraction and binder content determination of bituminous materials begins here.  Bituminous material (up to 3.5kg) is weighed into a sieve drum and placed into the washing chamber.


User selects the needed amount of washing and drying cycles

 and materials will be automatically washed and separated into aggregates, mineral filler and binder under use of solvents and ultrasonic sound separation. The aggregates remain in the sieve drum.

Mineral filler is separated from binder and solvent in the centrifuge unit.
The mineral filler is collected in the centrifuge cup  and the binder-solvent mixture is concentrated in the recovery unit by distillation. The recovered solvent is collected in the recovery chamber. Mineral aggregates and filler are dried in the machine and are provided for weighing and the determination of the grading of the bituminous mixture. 

The  Pure Module is equipped with indirect heating system, which allows a careful and safe handling of the used solvents which are recycled after each extraction.

The closed system allows only nonflammable solvents to be used. The module can be configured for the operation with Trichloroethylene, Tetrachloroethylene or Methylenechloride (Dichloromethane).

PURE BASIC technical specifications



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