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Collaboration with Netzsch Kinexus DSR-III Rheometer Platform is now part of the PURE EXTRACTION AND RECOVERY SYSTEM:

EN 14770 - EN 13702 - EN 13302 - AASHTO TP 70 - AASHTO T 315 - ASTM D 7175 - ASTM D 7405 - ASTM D 4402

The Kinexus Prime DSR Series from NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing is the next generation rotational rheometer platform for asphalt testing that’s been developed from extensive market knowledge and feedback, integrating innovative instrument design with a revolutionary software interface, to deliver an intelligent solution that will exceed your rheological expectations.

A modular rheometer with true plug and play functionality for all measuring systems and environmental control units – the Kinexus DSR Series enables pioneering Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) based testing with a built-in comprehensive library of standard test protocols for the asphalt industry. Customizable data logging along with integrated logical decision-making have established the Kinexus Prime DSR an invaluable must-have asset to their organization. 

For more information visit the Netzsch web page.



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