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EN 12697/3 - ASTM -D8159/ASTM -D5404

Fully automatic recovery of bitumen after extraction. The bitumen solvent mixture will
be transferred from the Asphalt Analysator Pure basic
module to the evaporation unit ROTA with evaporation
flask. The module consist of the fully automatic
evaporation unit with glass set with a linear lifting drive,
two heating baths for different temperatures and
membrane vacuum pump in a stabile module frame.
The recovered solvent of the low temperature distillation is
transferred to the solvent tank, the solvent of the high
temperature distillation is transferred to the solvent waste
receiver. For the operation, it is required to provide 30L bin
for solvent waste and 30l Safe-Tainer with fresh solvent.
The module ROTA can be operated only with Asphalt
Analysator PURE Basic module.
The software "Prof.EX 4.0" allows the control and setting
of all machine parameters at the Asphalt Analysator
module PURE. The graphical user interface enable an
easy operation of all evaporation procedures, especially
for all temperature settings of the heating bath, vacuum
control and setting, horizontal and vertical drive and
evaporation time.
Heating oil must be ordered separately.

Rota Module is connected to the base module. No additional electrical connection is required.

The closed system allows only nonflammable solvents to be used. The module can be configured for the operation with Trichloroethylene, Tetrachloroethylene or Methylene chloride (Dichloromethane).

PURE ROTA system
PURE ROTA technical data



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