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ASPHALT ANALYZER - Ground Tire Rubber Extraction Option

This asphalt analyzer unit model PG is used for the extraction and determination of binder content in rubber modified bituminous mixtures in use with not flammable solvent (Trichloroethylene). 



  • Extraction and distillation is PC controlled and is using Windows® as Software. Every step of the extraction is shown on the large touch panel screen.  

  • Equipped with a second solvent circuit allows the device the extraction of asphalt mixtures as standalone procedure with the washing chamber or the extraction in the vertical standing unit with an automatic decantation system. 

  • Bituminous material will be separated through a continuously mixing and solvent dispensation procedure.  

  • Rubber particles are separated from the asphalt material and swim up to the surface and there they will be collected inside the special collection tray.

  • Aggregates are stored in the washing chamber; filler material is separated in the centrifuge. 

  • Binder and solvent will be divided from each other in the solvent recovery similar to original model. 

  • All parts of your bituminous mixtures are dried during the test procedure. 

  • Machine comes equipped with the special collection tray and the mixing tool.


Technical data: 

Dimensions: 1255 x 960 x 1785 mm.

Electrical Requirements:  400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 P+N+PE, 8,5 kW.   

Compressed air supply 3-6 bar necessary  

Cooling water supply required


New Option: Zero Emissions Solvent Distillation Attachment


Asphalt Analyzer

EN 12697-1 | ASTM D8159


Original patented system for hot mix asphalt automatic closed loop extraction unit. For separation and extraction of binder, filler and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of various solvents including TCE.



Maximum sample weight: 3.5 kg
Centrifuge rotation speed: 7800 r.p.m.
Max filler cap.: 300 g approx.
Extraction time: 45 min. approx (including drying time)
Solvent per extraction: 5 l approx. 
Power rating: 6 kW (excluding cooling system)
Overall dimensions: Width: 1260 mm Depth: 750 mm Height: 1370 mm 
Weight: 250 kg approx.


Click here to watch the Asphalt Analyzer in Action          

Washing Machine

Washing machine for cleaning bitumen stained containers, glass flasks etc. using solvent in a closed cycle system. The washing chamber made of stainless steel is equipped with an indirect heating system and spray nozzles.


  • Interchangeable inserts fit up to 6 round bottom flasks or 6 RTFOT test cups can be cleaned simultaneously.

  • ​Sprinkler system and solvent steam are used for the washing process.

  • A vacuum system assists the fast drying of clean parts as well as the solvent distillation.

  • The bottom part of the wash container is equipped with a valve to remove the bitumen into an evaporator flask whilst the solvent is recovered in the clean solvent tank.

  • The process is computer controlled.

  • Variable run-times are possible.

  • Usual run-time approx. 30 – 45 minutes.


Click here to learn more about the Washing Unit         



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