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InfratestUSA Inc

Concrete Testing Product Gallery

About company:

FORM+TEST develops and produces material testing machines and concrete test systems of high quality. More than 55 years experience, extensive Know How and a ultra modern production are the basic of our activity.

Our production potential includes compression testing machines, bending and flexible testing machines, tensile testing machines for more or less all materials and test requirements. Click here to visit FORM+TEST website for full list of products.

Compression - and bending testing machine
"Mega 6-3000-100"
Compression - and bending testing machine Mega 6-3000-100

Technical dates - compression test

  • test load max.: 3000kN

  • piston stroke: 3.94in (100mm)

  • upper compression plate: 12.59in(320mm)

  • lower compression plate: 11.82in(300mm)

  • hardness of compression plates: 53 HRC

  • test chamber height: 13.4in (340mm)

  • clear distance of testing frame: 14 x 10in (355x255mm)

  • measuring range: 60,00...3000kN

  • display range: 0.......3000kN

  • load measuring via electronical precision liquid pressure transducer

Plate options​: 

  1. dimensions 320x320x75mm​

  2. dimensions 320x420x75mm

  3. dimensions 320x520x75mm

Technical dates - bending test

  • test load max.: 100kN

  • piston stroke: 8.66in (220mm)

  • test chamber height: 8.66in(220mm)

  • bending roller length: 20in(510mm)

  • bending roller distance: 3.1....35.4

  • measuring range: 1.00 ....... 100kN

  • display range: 0....100kN

  • load measuring via shear force wear-resistant electronic precision load cell

  • voltage: 3x400 Volt, 50 Hz, 1.5kW

  • weight: approx. 5092lb (2310kg)


  • insert for 4-point load ​

  • pressure stamp for curbstones

  • set compression plates with pendulum axle

  • compression device DV 600 AZ only usable in connection with set compression plates

  • bending device DV 600AZ only useable in connection with set compression plates 

  • bending device BV 10 OM only useable in connection with set compression plates

  • building material test software PROTEUS

  • electronic displacement measuring and control equipment 

  • built in printer

  • Higher test chamber 

Compression testing machine
"Alpha 3-3000 S"
Compression testing machine Alpha 3-3000 S

Technical dates - digital controller 

  • LCD-screen-display, 5 numbers, 16 Bit processor technology 

  • resolution 60.000 digits

  • automatic zero point correction

  • programmable calculation of the strength of 30 different specimens as well as the corresponding standard speeds 

  • adjustable display in Kn, N, kg, kp, to, or bar. 

  • peak value memory and reset key

  • code protected calibration / lineariztion

  • serial interface RS 232 to recall all the peak value 

​Technical Dates - testing frame 

  • Test load max.: 3000 kN               

  • Working pressure max.: 397 bar    

  • Piston stroke: 100mm (3,93in)

  • Upper platen: 320mm(12,6)

  • Lower platen: 300mm(11,8)

  • Thickness of platens: 75mm(2,95in)

  • Hardness of platens: 55 HRC

  • Test chambers height: 340mm (13,38)

  • Rigidity: 2,950 kN/mm

  • Electronic load measuring by pressure transducer 

  • Voltage 3 x 400 Volt, 50 Hz, 1.5kW

  • Weight: 1810 kg(3990lb)


  • connections of further (max 4) testing machines

  • bigger compression plates dimensions(320x420x75mm)

  • bigger compression plates dimensions(320x520x75mm)

  • higher test chamber (working area) 

  • machine's columns chromium plated 

  • built in printer

  • transfer software WinTrans

  • building material test software PROTEUS

  • centerring devices for compression plates

  • centerrin devices for distance pieces


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