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20-1148 Water Cooling Unit - Kreyer Chilly Max 50 (includes kit to adapt to InfraTest Asphalt Analyzer units)

Unit can be installed in-house or outside providing cooling water for up to 2 Asphalt Analyzers. Closed water cooling system with tank and electronically controlled cooling water temperature with digital display.

In case of installation outside the tank has to be filled with anti-freezing agent.

Professional installation has to be provided locally.

• Water tank capacity 26 l

• Refrigeration capacity at ambient temperature of 37° C = 2600/3900/6000 W at flow temperature of medium 10/15/20°C

• Admissible ambient temperature +10 - +42°C

• Air capacity 4500 m³/h

• Flow rate of circulation pump 1.2 m³/h

• Flow height of circulation pump 3 bar

• Dim. approx. 715 x 715 x 800 mm

• Weight approx. 125 kg

• Electric connection 230 V +/-10%, 60 Hz, 3/PE

• Acceptance power max. 5 kW

Water Cooling Unit

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