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Gyratory Compactor 4.0
Gyratory Compactor
EN 12697-31 • ASTM 6925-15 / 7515-10


For the preparation of gyratory specimen with diameter Ø 100 and 150 mm

  • fully automatized gyratory compaction and rotation

  • Drive electromechanical

  • Measurement by integrated load cell

  • integrated sample extruder with sample table

  • control by integrated computer for automatic compaction

  • including evaluation report for sample preparation

  • integrated Ethernet port for remote distance control

  • Angle adjustable by software

Technical Data:

Compaction Pressure: 1000 kPa

Ram travel: 10 mm per second

Ports: 1x USB, 1x RS232, 1x Ethernet

Speed: up to 30 rpm (±0.5°)

Angle: adjustable 0.5 up 3.5°

Sample size: Ø 100 and 150 mm

Dimension: 803 x 703 x 1800 mm

Weight: approx. 538 kg

Power Supply: 400V, 50/60 Hz, 3 P+N+PE

Power:7 kW

Accessories: Mould Ø 100, Ø 150 mm including Top plates etc. need to be ordered separately

Marshall Stability Tester
Marshall Stability Tester 30 kN-PC
EN 12697/34 • ASTM D 1559 • AASHTO T 245.
Equipped with electronic load and displacement transducer 50 x 0.01 mm as well as a microprocessor controlled interface RS 232 C for data acquisition with PC. Supplied complete with data-acquisition software UNIPRESS under windows with integrated data base, online graphics and additional Marshall evaluation software (EN 12697/34, optional ASTM) allowing input of Marshall sample heights and output of Marshall stability and fl ow values of 1 up to 4 samples with average values.
The machine is equipped with overload and travel limit switches as well as Marshall stability mould, calibre and holding attachment for displacement transducer.
Grad. 1 EN 7500/1. A PC with monitor, keyboard and Windows operating system not included.
Electrical Specs: 400 V, 60 Hz, 3 P+N+PE.
Asphalt Granulator Unit


Used to break bituminous samples for bulk density tests. The stainless steel mortar container of the machine is charged with approx kg of a roughly separated bituminous sample and its cover is closed.Then the machine is started and the exchangeable granulating tool is milling the sample within short time to grain sizes suitable for the test. The milling time can be preselected. Typically 1 to 3 minutes are sufficient. The mortar container can be tilted forward manually for discharging the sample into a suitable container (recommended 95-2044). The noise emission of the machine is reduced by an additional hinged cover with safety switch. Supplied including timer, Start/Stop button and switch for manual reverse mode. 


Timer: 0  to 60min

Dimensions: approx. 410 x 550 x 835mm

Weight: approx/ 60 kg

Electrical Specs: 230V, 60Hz, 1.5 kW

Click here to watch the Ashpalt Granulator in Action          



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